NETWORKSHOP is one of the leading network infrastructure support organisations operating in Africa and headquartered in Tema - Ghana.

NETWORKSHOP, established as an Information & Communications Technology Consulting Company, specializing in the provision of Network Technical support for VSAT & Wireless networks, ISP Setups, LAN & Wide Area Networks (design & implementation) as well as spares & RMA management.

Our area of work as well as our strength in project management, gives us the necessary experience to support a broad range of IP & RF equipment.

Our services are provided through our team of experienced Network Engineers and management.

NETWORKSHOP has evolved to provide world-class, reliable and reasonably priced network infrastructure services to organisations as well as improve existing setups.



Physical: NETWORKSHOP LTD, Suite 13, Krystal Plaza C4, Tema – Ghana.
Postal: P. O. Box CS 8011 – Tema, Ghana

Email (general): info@e-networkshop.net

Email (support): support@e-networkshop.net
Website: www.e-networkshop.net


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